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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace Mann
Nov. 26.
I DON'T write you a very long letter, because you will see the inclosed to Mr. Chute. I forgot to thank you last post for the songs, and your design on the Maltese cats.
It is terrible to be in this uncertainty about you! We have not had the least news about the Spaniards, more than what you told us, of a few vessels being seen off Leghorn. I send about the post, and ask Sir K. a thousand times a day.
I beg to know if you have never heard anything from Parker about my statue1: it was to have been finished last June. What is the meaning he does not mention it ? If it is done, I beg it may not stir from Kome till there is no more danger of Spaniards.
If you get out of your hurry, I will trouble you with a new commission: I find I cannot live without Stosch'sa intaglia of the Gladiator, with the vase, upon a granite. You know I offered him fifty pounds: I think, rather than not have it, I would give a hundred. What will he do if the Spaniards should come to Florence? Should he be driven to straits, perhaps he would part with his Meleager too. You see I am as eager about baubles as if I were going to Louis3 at the Palazzo Vecchio! You can't think what a closet I have fitted up; such a mixture of French gaiety and Koman virtu! you would be in love with it: I have not rested till it was finished: I long to have you see it. Now I am angry that I did not buy the Hermaphrodite; the man would have sold it for twenty-five sequins: do buy it for me; it was a friend of Bianchi. Can you forgive me ?
was employed by many English amateurs in buying and copying works of art.
2  He gave it afterwards to Lord Duncannon, for procuring him the arrears of his pension.    Walpole.
3  Louis Siriez, a jeweller.
.—J A copy of the Livia Mattel, which Mr. W. designed for a tomb of his mother: it was erected in Harry VII's chapel, in Westminster Abbey, in 1764. Walpole.— Parker was no doubt John Parker, a painter resident in Home, who
K 2